Jérôme Borel, Les irradiés, acrylic on canvas, 200x200cm, 2015

© Courtesy Galerie Mathias Coullaud

Jérôme Borel, peintre français ?


"They (artists) have been only too lent themselves for over fifty years, talking about painting as if they were house painters. Probably talking about painting without talking about colors is absurd,but do it by talking only of the colors is hardly less." 
André Malraux in Les voix du silence, (p. 343) -  Gallimard éditions 1951

This exhibition presents a dozen unpublished works by the artist fruit of two years of work.
A monograph is being prepared release planned for autumn 2017.

EXHIBITION 9/09 > 29/10/16
Opening: september 8th 
6 > 9 p.m