Poster of the exhibition "Dr Delucq"

© Alexis Delbaere // Courtesy : Galerie Mathias Coullaud

Viex of the exhibition "Dr Delucq"

© Alexis Delbaere // Courtesy : Galerie Mathias Coullaud

View of the exhibition "Dr Delucq"

© Alexis Delbaere // Courtesy : Galerie Mathias Coullaud

Exhibition "Dr Albert Delucq, Journal d'une collection de province 1874-2014"

From south-west deep-seated families, born toulousain heart bordelais, Mathias Coullaud now contemporary art gallery’s director with Audrey Koulinsky in Paris, in the Marais — Galerie Coullaud & Koulinsky — do homage, with a « saga » exhibition, to his origins, his family and to all the finest french collections. Taking one of the greatest figure of his family, the gersois Albert Delucq, the gallery underlines his interest for those collections called « from province » who make our territory wealth. His family Coullaud, related to Delucq, to Louis Delucq and many others families from the bordelais, known perpetuate this tradition of collecting and love of art. Furthermore, associated with the bordelais jeweler Paul Bouyssou (24, rue Bouffard à Bordeaux) Mathias Coullaud still closely linked to the city of Bordeaux.

Frome the April 10 to June 21 2014, within the exhibition « Dr Albert Delucq - Journal d'une collection de province de 1874 à 2014 », the gallery Coullaud & Koulinsky literally transforms itself to show, rather than the true collection of uncle Albert — forefather of Mathias Coullaud, patron, philanthropist, collector, great doctor, mayor of the city Vic Fezensac, figure celebrated by Louis Malle in his movie Milou en mai — but the collection he could bequeath to his descendant, a kind of dreamed collection and continued by Mathias Coullaud.

The parts of the collection will be staged in two "period room » ; they will be pu in historical perspective to do homage to the link collector-dealer, with a focus on the collections that are mounted outside Paris ; they will finally be put into narrative around the figure of this province collector Albert Delucq, narrative that will serve as a pretext to revisit the definition of what can be a collection, a collection that takes part of life and destiny of a man.

All the works, pieces of furniture and decorative art objects constituting Dr. Albert Delucq cabinet will be for sale.

You will discover the works of:

Alberto Giacometti
Francis Picabia
Marie-Ange Guilleminot
Kazimir Malevitch
Rob Wynne
Armand Guillaumin
Sonia Delaunay
Nina Aizenberg
Irina Ionesco
Kees Van Dongen
Francine Flandrin
Matthew Barney
Hans Bellmer
Jérôme Borel
Bengt Lindström
Malick Sidibé
André Masson
Eileen Gray
Anne-Valérie Gasc
Michel Auder
Niki de Saint Phalle
Nancy Cunard
Maria Elena Vieira da Silva
Mathilde Pénicaud
J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere
Ivan Da Silva Bruhns
Pierre Molinier
Cécile Babiole
Seydou Keïta
Marc Desgrandchamps
Gilles Barbier
Le Corbusier
Mehryl Levisse
Pierre et Gilles  
Jules Pascin
Claude et François-Xavier Lalanne
Mimmo Rotella
Jan Fabre
Kurt Schwitters
Augustin Cardenas
Miet Warlop
Gérard Titus-Carmel
Cindy Sherman
… and in the kitchen, a wink of Pierre Bismuth

These works are lent us by great galleries and antique shops as well as private collectors who have trust us: 

Galerie de la Présidence
Galerie Cheska & Bob Vallois
Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois
Galerie du Minotaure
Galerie Oscar Graf
Galerie Zlotowski
Galerie Guillaume de Casson
Galerie Guy Pieters
Galerie Paul Bouyssou
Galerie Paul-Louis Flandrin
Galerie Daniel Templon
Galerie André Magnin
Galerie Avril
Galerie 1900-2000
Galerie Zurcher
Galerie Paul-Louis Flandrin
JGM Galerie
Librairie Mazarine
Maison Auclert
Parasolerie Heurtault

Exhibition 16/04> 21/06/2014
Paris / Galerie Mathias Coullaud

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