Corps En Œuvre


View of the exhibition "Le Corps en Œuvre"


View of the exhibition "Le Corps en Œuvre"

Le Corps en Œuvre

From 12 of September to the next 2 of November, the Gallery Mathias Coullaud&Koulinsky shows the work of ten choreographers - artists in « Corps en œuvre », exhibition whose Maria Carmela Mini, artistic director of Latitudes contemporaines, is the curator.

The exhibition will bring together a artworks corpus — videos, photographs and installations — of ten international artists : Franko B, Steven Cohen, Jan Fabre, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Daniel Larrieu, Daniel Linehan, Fiorenza Menini, Gina Pane and Miet Warlop.

A performance cycle will be offered throughout the exhibition with Miet Warlop, Marie-Caroline Hominal, Fiorenza Menini and Daniel Linehan.

« First médium of the artist, the body is probably implemented since the origin of art. Our argument, at the dawn of an era, will be only the hypothesis of a partially renewed relation of the contemporary artist to his body material, and the research of his effects. 

The work of performers will be considered symptomatically,  not only because their bodies are « by nature » implemeted, but above all for what this posture induces in a more generic definion of creation: it’s now clear that the risk-taking, the test layout, the endangering of the existence and body of the artist serving a talk and a form are not sufficient to define his practice. 

This body as a medium, starting more than others eloquent or manifest, could also be only envisaged as the most appropriate medium to express at a time and with circumstances given by the artist. This one is only performer, visual artist, video artist… on practical form in the intention of the work. 

By thus raising formal categorizations, we approach most definitely the motion to the act of art, in particular by opening two perspectives : 

  • again and again, the one of the wealth of the body envisaged in the multiplicity of its resources: machinic and plastic, organic and psychological service of creation…  The material is not exhausted and it is stimulating to scrutinize the new frontiers.
  • more malignant way, the one of non performative creation of the performers whose artifacts reveal a consubstantial report to the performance, real or implied, and are carriers of unprecedented resonance. The artifact may be as much a boundary of the creative process as being in its nature the fruit of the artistic intention. Similarly we can embrace, in full legitimacy, the classical arguments related to its formal appearance, or conversely deny the foundation.

How to deal, on the one hand, as the analysis of the work, on the other hand,  here encounter a gear of joints gesture, on an unexpected field, a contribution of recent decades.It thus follows from our assumption that the object space, the approach, the trace or printing ... - just as the body - have won on the performance test a dimension that the previous field forms did not open them. The result mirrored that this dimension does not fail to exercise its aspiration on the previous field.

Therefore, what is the place implemented of the body ?  What are stigmata ? Who gets them ? 

These highly proven interrogations made me accept without reservation the curatorial offered by Audrey Koulinsky and Mathias Coullaud. My legitimacy in this matter result of the course and program producer: since 1993, I look, I accompany and produce artists who, though identified in the field of arts and performance, have significant production visual art or plastic works.

Since 2003, the Latitudes Contemporaines festival that I lead, particularly open to formal freedoms, has often shown.

My challenge is here, reflecting the variety of vocabulary implemented by the artist to reveal the substrate performer through installation, photos, videos and various plastic works. I would like the visitors leave with the intuition of the whole, the unity of creative work.

The artists I chose in this perspective are from generations and different backgrounds; indeed it seemed me appropriate to draw a wire between the 1970s and today. So from Gina Pane to Miet Warlop, we will meet Jan Fabre, Franko B, Daniel Larrieu, Francesca Menini, Steven Cohen, Daniel Linehan and Marie-Caroline Hominal, engaging their bodies in the work, putting him in danger, by making a political object… But they also illustrate to my mind the inseparability of their performative acts or scene from their plastic works.

I would not miss to thank Audrey and Mathias for their audacity to host a non-compliant, to accompany the adventure of unclassifiable artists. This confidence gives me, making them homage, to emphasize the richness of their contribution composite and polymorphic to the creation of our time. » 

Maria Carmela Mini 
Curator of this exhibition
EXHIBITION 02/09 > 02/11/13

Galerie Mathias Coullaud