James Bidgood, Vintage 02, C-print, 1963

9 x 9 cm
tirage vintage C-Print

James Bidgood

Associate curator : Christophe Langlitz

In the early 90s, I attended an art house screening of the anonymous film "Pink Narcissus" in Saint Michel and it proved to be a baffling aesthetic discovery, which was particularly intriguing since its creator was unknown.   

When, in 2010, the American artist Laurie Simmons first spoke to me about James Bidgood's work, I was struck right away by these photos from the 60s that echoed the film I had seen years earlier, and in the meantime he had also been revealed as its filmmaker.  

It was moving and exciting for me to at once put a name to the film and discover this same universe in photographs.  

Several years were needed for this exhibition project to take shape, in order to select and display vintage prints from this reclusive artist, too often overlooked by the art world.   

This entire universe, these intricately detailed sets blending eroticism, dream-like atmosphere, fantasy, and kitsch, were created single-handedly by James Bidgood in his New York apartment where he filmed his fantasy tale. This aesthetic style has since been adopted in other artistic fields and has influenced several well-known artists.  

Although today James Bidgood is invited to screenings of his film at conferences or festivals and his work has recently found its way into art galleries, he remains largely  unknown. It is therefore important to bring his work to light, share his historic pieces with collectors and show his film, in order to give him the credit he deserves.

James Bidgood still lives in downtown New York. This exhibition would not have been possible without the excellent help of Kelly McKaig, who has been in charge of promoting Bidgood's work for the past several years. 

Christophe Langlitz, December 2016

Exclusive presentation of a 25 vintage print from 1963


EXHIBITION 6/01 > 4/03/2017
Opening: January 5th 
6 > 9 p.m

Galerie Mathias Coullaud