Jean-Jacques Lebel, Ceci n'est presque pas un Gustave Courbet, 63 x 84 cm, mixed technics, 1964


On the proposal of Mathias Coullaud, the artists of the gallery and some guests are taking a look at Courbet's work.

« moi, Courbet »

We write « Courbet sans courbettes » ( Courbet without bowing ) exclaims Gustave Courbet in a letter addressed, full of passion and devoured admiration, to Victor Hugo on his lands of exile... "without bowing" the epitaph that he chooses!

I was lucky to grow up in the shade of a Courbet, whose personal legend makes this work now preserved by me, and that will always keep its part of mystery and fantasy.

I admire Courbet and the first visits, as a child, of the Musée d'Orsay confronts me with the artistic and human gigantism of his work – the intimacy with "my" Courbet will be reinforced.

Later, carried by the story of the "Commune" and its revolutionaries, I found again the face of Gustave Courbet, eternal revolted, the column Vendôme as a stigmata collapsed at his feet.

Finally, Jacques Lacan and the misguided confrontation with "The Origin of the World" completed the personal Pantheon of this great artist.

In 2015, a trip to New York brought me to my friend and artist Michel Auder, and I found him working on a video entitled "Bonjour Monsieur Courbet" - as a personal exploration, the idea that Courbet is, perhaps, the first "diarist" in the history of art.

Some time later Zoulikha Bouabdellah proposes to me as first work exhibited together a sublime fragmented drawing renewing the canvas "The Sleep" of Courbet ...

Gregory Forstner shows in his solo exhibition at the gallery a tribute to the "Portrait of Proudhon" by Courbet ...

Jérôme Borel brings one day of his workshop not one but several canvases quotes to Courbet ...

The account was made, all of us here had an essential and substantial report to Courbet, his work, his action. This feeling of revolt and insubordination, this marginality that drives the artistic choices that I want to deploy more and more in the project of the gallery.

The exhibition « Moi, Courbet », which will take place from 18th March to 13th May 2017, will bring together all the artists of the gallery at the same time, but also the friendly artists who collaborate on an ongoing basis or will collaborate on a permanent basis with us.

- Michel Auder
- Jérôme Borel
- Zoulikha Bouabdellah
- Olivier Colombard
- Laurent Fievet
- Gregory Forstner
- Scott Hunt
- Arthur Gillet
- Jean-Jacques Lebel
- Jean Le Gac
- Dawn Mellor
- Valérie Sonnier

Nearly twelve works - videos, tapestries, drawings, paintings ... will be gathered around a painting by Gustave Courbet: "Le Puits Noir". These works mostly existed before my idea of ​​exhibition, and the artistic family formed on this occasion having long maintained its relationship with Courbet.

« moi, Courbet » applies to all !

Mathias Coullaud, february 2017
EXHIBITION 18/03 > 13/05/2017
Opening : Saturday 18th March
2 pm > 7 pm
Galerie Mathias Coullaud

Galerie Mathias Coullaud