Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Envers-Endroit, Capture Vidéo 2

Envers // Endroit, Vidéo-Installation,Ed3 + 2EA
© Zoulikha Bouabdellah // Courtesy Galerie Mathias Coullaud


Zoulikha Bouabdellah
Collective exhibition

Our artist Zoulikha Bouabdellah participates in the exhibition "En toute modestie - Archipel di Rosa" of the Musée international des Arts Modestes of Sète.

Thought as a hollow portrait of Hervé Di Rosa, artist and director of MIAM, the exhibition "En toute modestie - Archipel Di Rosa" brings together the works of artists from a personal pantheon (Jérôme Bosch, Henry Darger and Pierre Molinier), those of his contemporaries (Eugène Leroy, Jean Dubuffet, Peter Saul, ORLAN), but also the works of artists who pursue, stretch and reactivate modest arts (Lucien Murat, Agathe Pitié, Sarah Tritz). The works create passages between the past and the present, between cultures, geographies, forms and languages. The exhibition is articulated like an archipelago, generous and abundant, in which there is a dialogue between the modest arts and the engagement of an artist.

The video-installation "Envers-Endroit" of Zoulikha Bouabdellah is exposed from 4th february to 17th september 2017.

Observe / Reverse consists of an overlay, in the same plane, of scenes inspired by paintings that made a mark on art history: Olympia by Edouard Manet (1863), Gabrielle d’Estrées and one of her sisters by the School of Fontainebleau (1594) and The Three Graces by Raphael (1505). The video project Observe / Reverse prolongs a work of visual art undertaken two years ago. The starting point was a series of collages made from reproductions of paintings. Each image, which is part of a painting, is cut out according to the traditional pattern of oriental rugs, which include a border, a field, spandrels and a central medallion.

From these collages emerged the idea of a narrative fed by existence, a language through which acceptance of the world and opposition to it are in permanent dialogue.

The project occupies two screens, a diptych.

This division-fusion explores two different methods for producing images: one figurative, the other abstract. Beyond the dichotomy in the definition of the image, the project aims to generate a more complex syntax by testing the very nature of the visual phenomenon.

EXHIBITION 04/02 > 17/09
Opening on 3th february 2017
Musée international des Arts Modestes

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