Monographie de Grégory Forstner // Rencontre-dédicace le 8 juin 2017


Grégory Forstner 

DilectaMathias Coullaud gallery, Zink gallery and Christophe Langlitz Art are pleased to invite you to the book signing of Grégory Forstner's first monograph.

Three paintings by the artist will be presented on this occasion. 

Through 224 pages presenting unpublished documents, an introducing text by Gilles Fuchs, an essay by Henry-Claude Cousseau and an interview between Caroline Hancock and Gregory Forstner, this monograph goes through more than fifteen years of work between France, Germany and the United States.

« In Forstner's work, there is an obvious autobiographical dimension he invites us to explore. It could well be that painting was basically for him the best means of casting a spell on the novelistic tendency of his life, from considering it not as one more adventure, but as an opportune occasion to explain it, to comment on its singularity in his own way. »
Extract of Henry-Claude Cousseau's text

« Your subjects take the form of fables, parodies, parables, and personal myths; implicitly, we sense the presence of Jean de La Fontaine, William Hogarth, Art Spiegelman and J.rg Immendorff. Ever-present and based on archetypes and stereotypes, popular culture is combined with “great painting” and history in such a way that you manage to turn it into a personal matter. It is impossible not to make the connection with the contemporaneity of the social, political and cultural realities of our societies.»
Extract of Gilles Fuchs' text

« Spiegelman thus gives rise to a guilty empathy in the reader. In my work, this empathy was crystallised around the dog. The advantage of the dog-mask isthat it offers an infinite range of races, faces, and hence possibilities for identification and, as Spiegelman put it, for “cornering the spectator with their own corrupted and defective humanity” »
Extract of the interview of Gregory Forstner by Caroline Hancock

SIGNATURE - 08/06/2107
Thursday 8th June
6.30 pm > 9 pm
Maison et galerie d'éditions